Friday, 9 March 2012

I was out of place.....

Goa, beaches and its sand always tempted me to attend one of parties marked with Goa specialty.  I attended one and two and more and more. While everyone around cheered with glasses of drink in their hands, i was alone most of the times sitting on the beach. Sometimes moon and stars accompanied me, sometimes just the sound of waves or sometimes even a phone call. Sitting on the beach i reflected on one of the discussions with friends where i had mentioned of attending and enjoying these kind of parties. 

It's Party Time!
I Prefer this..:)

 It has often happened. The things i loved from a distance disappointed me with a closer look. Be it food, clothes, guys or now parties. Until stepping into Goa, i was a girl for whom day ended at 10:30-11 pm. Enjoyment meant    all friends sitting in a place and talking heart out or some fun filed group assignment. It did include sometimes a well thought night out for which a week's preparation would be needed to convince parents followed by at whose place the night out shall happen. We did go out early breakfast but never for a late night ride. That was not a vacuum. I did that with my brother and it had its own charm. 

Here parties are different. On the way to venue, you find instances which you have observed only in the movie. In the party, people are high and waiting for others to get high and later justify their actions in the name of insanity/ out of mind behavior. May i ask these people do they have any sense of responsibility towards if not others at least themselves. I am not against smoking or drinking. You live in a democratic country and you have all rights to take decisions.  But atleast check on your limits. Agreed, first time to check your capacity, the mistake is considered a mistake. Even after knowing your threshold, you cross it voluntarily and create trouble for others, i consider it to be a breach of law. 

 Although i might be smiling around in the best outfit. A person who can read my eyes can make it out easily that i am feeling out of place..:)

Room with Memories on wall..!*courtesy - jinal parekh*

I dedicate this blog to SBG'ians on the eve of Women's Day - Guys! I might be having gud time here as a first time experience. But the best of memories and the cherishable time reminds me of Jinal's room and our never ending discussions..:) **Hugs** - Wish you all a belated Happy Women's day. We are together the best..:)


  1. I can relate myself very much to this....even m not a party animal and feel out of place in such enjoyment funda is more or less same as yours...
    And the pic is mast...loved the idea of hanging the pics on the rope in your room..assuming it to be Jinal's room..good thought:)

    1. Yep - It's jinal's room..:)I think that's what we can call "quality time" with friends.

  2. :)
    This is the true reflection of a truly feminine, very well-balanced person who is built of simplicity, purity and originality. This is You !!
    I remember how you complained to me about all the fake drama and nataks of a girl's life.. why i cannot be my way etc etc ,,
    I knew it's all about the first time experience that will eventually make you realise your true self :) M happy the day is here ~~

    regarding our late night rides .. the first experience that comes to my mind is Unnati k parents ki aniversary celebration party.. O what a ride it was.. call it crazy.. call it courage..
    it was a chilly winter's night and both of us were extremely shivering .. somehow trying to get some warmth in a shawl :)

    On the people(Men) getting high after getting drunk ..I believe being a Man is all about being in control of situations and taking care of your people :)
    I just recalled an incident where one of my friend's father told us .. drink to your capacity .. i will buy you the drinks ..
    but none of you should get high else i will beat you up :):)
    with your eyes wide open, stand still :)

    Great blog .. Loved every line .. n Yes .. A Happy Women's day to all the women around :)

    1. :) Yes it's making me too happy that i am able to figure out things.

      Aah! Amazing ride it was after stomach full of delicious food.

      Well said buddy..:)Men is all about.......taking care of others!

  3. Of all I am somehow in love with this blog....

    I so miss those times, where the best option would be going to Jinal's place and chit chat, talking out our heart, fighting, getting interrupted by Harpreet, crying out the sadness, feeling proud about each other, laughing on the most siliest things, feeling the silence when we are looking at each other for another round of stories.

    I am actually reliving those moments as I am writting this to you.

    Komal you were one person who has always proved to be strong, determined, well planned and most of all wonderful woman. Don't let anyone bother you, cause that is how you were and you should be. Love you and always with you....:)

    Proud to be your friend.... :)

    1. Yes dishu..:) I am so glad we spent some time at same place and that was the best part of the comprehensive trip..!

      Love u and keep enjoying work..:)

  4. "The things i loved from a distance disappointed me from a closer look ".... I loved this line the most and holds true many a times......

    Off late even I am missing the kind of fun we used to have specially at jinal's place...I miss all 8 of us being together....

    And dont worry, this phase will pass on soon......everybody has good and bad experiences....Would always like to see you smiling :):)

    P.S. I helped jinal with those it sholud be courtesy jinal parekh and harpreet :P :P

  5. *courtesy - jinal parekh and harpreet kaur"...haha..:) Yeah! Hoping things to fall in place soon!

  6. Woooowwww m mentioned in the blog with my room pic :) :) feels awesome... thanks for the dedication swthrt :)
    i remember our last conversation wherein we had discussed that it was awesome time spend last time u were in town, n especially bcos it was in the same old room of mine :) the best moments spend, from all that mentioned by disha to the madness "bhooth" of Apeksha, to flying kites on terrace, to teasing disha during night out, talking of scary stories, to planning and executing surprises :) amazing times :)
    this blog reminds me of all the beautiful moments of the room :)
    Loved the blog, frm the first letter to the last :)
    N i totally agree ppl should know their limit and act accordingly, parties r so not for us :) it is one place where we would surely feel 'out of place' :D
    well expressed :)

    1. I was re-reading my own posts...Came across your comment which was not replied too..:)We again had amazing time n didn't let your room to be disappointed one last time before you all shift..:)I think the room pic all the more makes sense today..!


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