Tuesday, 3 April 2012

No time for flashback

Hey der. As I wait at the final destination – Bangalore airport for my colleagues to arrive, I thought let me grab a coffee and update myself and you all. Yeah I need to update myself too. I have been running around since past one week using all possible modes of transport. So life is moving fast and so am I. As I left the green campus of Goa, my heartbeat missed for a while, as it was one year quick completion on campus. As I vacated my room, tears filled in eyes recollecting the day, we had put in things in an empty room, to make it our living room (me & Lakshmi- roomies). It was hard to take in but we had to move. Followed it the shortest ever trip to home of two days. But it was a needed breather.

Then I visited the city where new girl had landed 1st time she was away from home. It was for 1day in Mumbai, but it brought back all good old memories. I landed yesterday by morning flight – where an eye pleasing sunrise made my journey – I could see the warmth being spread to the city and the darkness being absorbed by sun as people woke up to their alarm - As the eastern side glowed in orange, the west was in the brim of darkness waiting to be taken away – All at once, all from thousands of feet up in the air, all with my very anxious eyes. It had been one of the things in my bucket list.

So, it’s Bangalore. It shall be this city that I need to face as a mini MBA grad for next two months. All together there are 19interns from across India colleges and the company says they have started on gender diversity by keeping the G:B ratio of 1:18. Lot of things needs to be put in place. I will be looking for a place to live in, figuring out arrangements on food and many more administrative things. Apart from that, the main purpose I am here is to work :-) Right now the first things look priority. Kidding. I am excited, I am tensed, I am confused. I am welcoming this as a learning opportunity yet a fear of newness and change is daunting me from inside. That’s it for now. I might become little irregular on this space, which I do not want to, still shall keep all my loved ones updated as and when time permits me.

Thanks for all the love and support. Need more of it now :-)wishing myself good luck before I step out on the roads of Bangalore.

P.S: This is the first thing I am doing(posting the write up) as I get my full facility enabled service apartment. I was elated to get Wifi!!!


  1. ALL THE BEST!!!! with all the mixed feelings in u, no matter wat, u will end up in a good note with good work!!
    yes hoping you get time for updating stuff here.
    tc! have fun!! enjoy ur stay!!

    1. Thanks jinal..:)The dinner time was great back home..:)Now plan for B'lore trip hehe...Goa ka nai hua to kya..!

  2. Bhaag >>>
    Bhaag bhaag......
    Trust me this was the song i was reminded of when seeing you off at the airport ..
    Frankly .. i can never live such a roller coaster life .. that to with so much positivity and strength .. U know how lazy i am :)
    But overall I m r r r happy to see what you have grown to .. Paying the cab fare , parlor bills and to giving shopping gift card .. bearing all this by yourself ... it's time for a Family Girl's Uprising :)

    1. Ahhaaa..:)All smiles reading this...Yeah life's making me run...SO decide ur life so that's gud - Lazy or otherwise..!I am the receiver here but with not many complaints..:)

      Family Girl's uprising with support from all ends pouring every time..:)


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