Friday, 20 April 2012

How many times......

How many times did you

1. Feel you reached the bus stop just in time or your boss would have spoiled your Friday
2. think you got into contact with the right person else things would fall apart
3. Just when you were confused you got the best solution
4.  make a comment - i cannot survive without my mobile, laptop etc
5. say i do not know where will i be today had that not happened in my life xyzee years back

And now i thought - how would i survive so long in Bangalore had my company not given me this initial accommodation.

Are all these really important to take place? Or they take place just to give a particular way/direction to life? I never thought in my life i would move out of home before marriage. And here i am close to killing emotions generated each time i have to pack bag to move out trodding upon the memories created. 

Without a few key incidents/people we still would be living, but in a different way, with different people in a different situation. Well, whether we would be happy in those moments is a question which we should not answer without a thought - i can assure you it would be premature. Because you are in this situation, have traveled the path along to reach here - you judge the other side keeping this side of thoughts and emotions intact.You may think you would have been happy marrying your ex-boyfriend or you would not be happy if you didn't make it through that entrance exam. Wait for a while. You're saying so keeping your thoughts and emotions anchored to the present. 

While it's important for us to acknowledge gratitude towards incidents and people who marked the milestones. Make sure, while doing this, you are not loading baggage at every station, which one day would ultimately make you stand still in your life or bend down. At the same time do not fancy the alternatives so much by living in your dream world making your present a suffocating journey! 

Huh! Too much of philosophy on a closure of a work week or start of a weekend. More than anyone i needed to tell this to myself. 


  1. don't post this:
    i don't know why i'm writing it here but i feel totally devastated today as i lost someone very dear and very close to me....she was everything to me and now she doesn't even want to talk. wondering why don't u get everything u want...especially when everything was done almost right to achieve it

  2. Though complicated .. it's helpful and concrete

  3. Thank you...I am sure it was over your head..:)


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