Saturday, 14 April 2012

Which cage you belong to?

Found this best put article in the impressive employee magazine that my hands lay on while working. It can be accepted with a pinch of salt or rejected in arrogance.Choice is ours!

No Exception!!!
Sometimes it's hard to see which side of the cage we are in. it's even harder to understand if we are actually on the better side of the cage. But caged we are nonetheless. Cages come in different sizes and shapes. Some we built around ourselves and some are built by the society into which we voluntarily get into. And all we do is to perpetually shift from one cage to another as the days go by.

We all are ambitious. Aren't we? We need our houses big and relationship ties small. Based on how much money we make, we buy a house and put all our heart and soul into beautifying it. The house represents how big we dreamt and what we have achieved. The neatly laid out dinner table with four crafted chairs seldom makes us realise its emptiness. The beautiful couch in the living room makes us wonder as to where will we get the people to sit on them.

The first one I want to own

Our roads are becoming wider while the parking lots are shrinking. Owning a set of wheels, for most of us, is a lifetime wish. Our friendly neighborhood car salesman gives us more reason than not to stretch our budget and go for that one car which we find hard to buy. But we still give into temptation and buy the car only to realise that we can hardly stretch our legs. We keep trying to figure out if the two extra wheels "reserve" more space for us on the road or has it shrunk into a smaller cage than we initially were in - the whole wide world.

These are not the only things we cage ourselves or others in. Our religion, our gods, our beliefs, our relationships, jealousy, arrogance, ignorance, possessiveness are a few to name...When a relationship turns sour between lovers, they break-up with the conviction that being separate would be better. If this be teh case then wonder why is it called "breaking up" and not "setting free"? Why then do they spend rest of their lives caging themselves in thoughts and memories of the things that went wrong in the relationship?

         Once a picture perfect

We hurt our loved ones and then look up for forgiveness from him, who more often than not, silently watches us commit sins. In the captivity of our beliefs, we hold our minds and feelings hostage so much that we share our food with the ones whom we don't share our beliefs. As someone rightly said, "Humans are engineered for success but programmed for failure"

Not preferring to end the post on a sad note - Here's a solution to it - 

      Make Your Life A Reason To Smile :) 

My Favorite Badge Always with me

The life is mystic
The relations are so vague
You laugh at one moment 
And to the next you weep
The existence of God is mysterious
Still we say we believe in miracles
You are blessed with successes 
Still you grumble for what you lost
You're privileged with today
Then what makes you think of past
You did the sins
Then whom are you lying 
So come on, get up
It's time to rise high
Make yourself active to do something fine
The life would end one day
Make it a reason to SMILE.


  1. ahhh...nice...
    Loved the lines 'Some we built around ourselves and some are built by the society into which we voluntarily get into'...true...we all are caged:(
    and the 'once a picture perfect' is a perfect picture u could use here..
    Loved the poem the most:)

    1. The article has a connect with everyone..! The same picture i came across and suited the context "The Best"..:)

  2. Nice....we always crib about getn caged but most of the tmes we ourselves get into it, just bcoz dats wat ppl around us are doing.... we bilndly wish for sme things without realisisng dat they aren't gona gve you any happiness....

    I loved each n evry word of the poem....!!!! Awesome it is :)

  3. Looks like my vodka gal is turning into whisky woman (sort of…)
    The idea represented here is sophisticated — thoughts are free — expressed in the most effective way -
    Thank you for sharing this with us ...

    1. Cheers..:)I don't understand vodka and whishky - its only Wine..:)

    2. U don't understand either of the three .. :D kiddu ..
      i wrote it just to further emphasize the fact that u r growing .. growing wiser .. n mightier too .. :)

    3. That's well said..:)Mightier NOOO...

  4. I loved this post.. Made me wonder about so many things.
    No matter what we have, people are just not satisfied.
    This was a wonderful post! :)


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