Thursday, 31 May 2012

Peace - - -

My attempt to express thoughts in poem format.

Peace - 

For child it’s sleep
For adult it’s a day off
For oldies it’s death
For world it’s no war

Peace is what the world needs fast                                                 
Peace is something the most sought
It can’t come by waging wars
But who knows the definite path?

We close our eyes to get some peace
Images of past daunt our sleep
We try to dream of a happy future
And the moment of failure tear us apart

A task done makes us happy
A taunt made makes us sad
Our eyes longs for consent
We fear the sight of reject

We blame people for destroying our peace
But did we ever see our self-play?
We are the ones who gave over our rights
Then how can we put off the blame?

Every day we wake up to prove to the world
In this mad race we have forgotten our real self
Peace and happiness are traits of our personality
They have just got tainted with clouds of rationality

It’s time we wake up and take the charge
And do the undone of self-task
Let us be responsible for our peace
Let it start and end in our hearts.


  1. i have no words to express the beauty of this poem .. all i can say is
    each line i read .. i felt " true"
    such is the wisdom that you have .. that every other person feels
    "yes,this is my story!" :)

    P.S : U ROCK! [by me n some of my teammates following you]They're both
    too shy to write anything here :D

    1. Well i guess it's not wisdom but a common life that helps me connect..:)

      Convey my thanks to them...And also say I would love to see them commenting directly..:)


  2. a new follower of urs ! found ur writings very honest n genuine :) loved da above poem! keep going :)god bless

    1. Hey Palak...Glad to your comment..:)Thanks for the appreciation and time taken to comment...It means a lot.

  3. awesome .com, truly no words for how beautiful this is. I wish it was equally easy to have peace like it was to read the poem. written with so much ease as its a simple thing we often make it complicated to understand.
    I am loving the way your emerging as a person, growing as a human and learning so much and implementing the same.
    Hope and wish all the best things for you, may you have a wonderful life ahead too...sorry for the late reply though ;)

    1. Heyyy dishu baby...Thanks a lot..:)Appreciation to an amateur from a pro poem writer.

      Its all in our hands disha...Be firm and you'll experience the peace...Love...

  4. Commendable. You should take up poetry writing seriously now. I loved the first four lines :) Could very well relate to it...!

    Keep up the good work! :)

    1. I know you must have specifically loved "For adults its a day-off"...hehe...So harpreet like...

    2. hahaha true :) m sure act that too :P

  5. Beautiful poem!..we are responsible for our own peace, its soo express your thoughts and emotions with so much ease..nice writing..keep up the good work!

    @Vijender: I am not shy to comment on the post. I just enjoy reading. will try to comment now and then..hopefully not exaggerated comments as what you do :P


    1. Heyyy! I am so glad to finally not get a comment from a mediator..:) Thanks Saba...This is the real motivation to keep writing...

      I agree to the comment made on "vijender"!!!

  6. beautiful!!! :)
    u make us realize so many obvio things with so much ease n by expressing it beautifully with so much maturity :) this reminds me of ur professor who had lectured u once on the obvious unnoticed things around us :)
    felt the peace as i read it, yes truly we are the makers and the breakers of our own peace (realized after reading this :P)

    1. Ah! My blog feels gr8 to get ur comments after such a long time...Hence no delay in publishing and replying:)

  7. Amazing ya...
    Mujhe nai pata tha ki tu itni achi poetry b kar leti hai...too gud.. lovely poem:)


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