Thursday, 6 September 2012

Packing bags home with a sigh of relief!!!

 Hey der! I am doing just ok. Hope you all are rocking! So here I am having packed my bags for home finally after 2.5 months. Yes it’s the first time I have been on campus at a stretch for so long. And quite a few first timers happened this semester and more to come in my chutti.

As I look back upon this term it is a proper blend of contrast between mind and heart’s desires :-) I did everything what according to my mind was correct and ideal. On the way I betrayed my heart (it has betrayed me on lot of occasions!!!). But it was all good for the first time to see sensible side of myself. Although people around felt I have changed a lot, I feel the change is for good.

Yay!!! I have been waiting and on occasions resisting the feeling of leaving everything right here and running back home. I am longing for the moment when Maa shall open the door and embrace me. I am waiting for that peaceful moment as it has been long since I have rested in peace. And yes ofcourse I have one crackling week ready for my brother. Once again he shall find his life running because of me. I have planned half way through and I know he’s already dreading my visit.

 I am going to travel by train for the first time from Goa to Hyderabad. Plus I am travelling first time in 2 tier A/C. While booking the tickets I gave this rational to myself that you need to keep bringing change in your life to keep it away from boredom. And it has worked. I am excited like a small kid and looking forward to the luxury of home in train with pillow, bed sheet, charging point. I have planned to pamper myself sitting against the window watching movies back to back and listening to songs!

P.S: I intend to experience hangover in train. 


  1. All the very best! Have fun at your home and good luck for the plc ahead :)

    1. Hey! I am back on campus...and the break was amazingly refreshing..:)

  2. Well, particularly for me - it seemed as a STATUTORY WARNING.
    God, now i understand from where i have picked up this senseless habit of tracking all my first times .. it's bcz of U.
    Welcome back home :-) it's great experience each time u r home
    P.S: Let me keep this as something to be discussed in details, during our late night talks
    "On the way I betrayed my heart (it has betrayed me on lot of occasions!!!) "



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