Sunday, 21 October 2012

In the state of Joy…….

“So I got the new one-liners to be added in the list which people use when they are high” ! Exclaimed my brother last night. No, I wasn’t alcoholically drunk still I was high. I was high with emotion of happiness. I do not remember last time when I had this feeling.

When hands join.....

I still wonder would I be longing so much for the small visits to the city if it was not for my family and friends. Each of my visits become special with small and big moments of happiness. Be it early morning walks, rush of finishing household duties, crazy photo shoot in girls night out, trying riding bike, late night dandiya ,  or a serene time to write a blog sitting by a rainy window with a mug of “maa k haath ki chai”. Everything falls in place with so much ease. I adore each thread of this life and feel blessed.

People have their own way of forming opinion about various cities. I have opinion about each city based on people and relationships I develop there. Although I haven’t travelled much, I have two cities that I am in love with. Hyderabad is a perfect city for me – Perfect not because of its lifestyle, culture or beauty. It is perfect for me because of the warmth of the people whom I can call as mine. It is not perfect because I have stayed here from childhood; it is not perfect because I can identify most number of people of this city. It is perfect because I have found many pair of eyes in which I see genuine care and love for me. It is flawless because I have found pair of hands and shoulders that can raise my spirits from the abyssal of darkness. And this shall continue to be the best city for me till the best people I know are here.

P.S: And so I am back in my city to celebrate b'day and get high without the alcohol of Goa!


  1. Superb Holiday! everything was just so perfect about it :)


    1. It was super perfect buddy except the departure..:P

  2. Crazy photo shoot in girls nightout and everywhere else possible :P
    it ws so much fun this time :) thanks to the dandiya nights that we could spend so much more time than usual and have that much more fun :)

    1. Yes absolutely...This is one of the new best times in our diary of memories...At a different time and different place..:)~~Cheers~~


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