Monday, 19 August 2013

Happy World Photography Day !!!

"Today everything exists to end in a photograph" - Susan Sontag

Photography have moved from being an occasional ceremony to a routine. Photos have flipped from being a part of home albums to filling social media pages. And the "likes and flaunt" have substituted the "memory capture" reason of photography. 

Still for much good I can see, these days capturing moments have become an integral part of all lives. Thanks to the social media and its daunting addiction. It's said, the photo is just as good as the person behind it. And equally true is the fact that usually people are lost in appreciating people/content of the photo. And the person behind the lenses go unnoticed. So here's wishing A very happy world photography day to all the amazing photographers out there - Amateur, Pro or professional :) 

Though my love for photography is still in the budding stage, I find this good enough reason to share few of my clicks on this day with my blogdosts :)

A 'still' of moving life !!!

The dense spread !!!

Twists  'N'  Turns

Refreshing :)

The playful capture ...

World  of clouds - Up in the air :)

Serene Sunset !!!

The Sand & Water combo
Behind the lenses :)

~~ Cheers ~~


  1. okay, this is some serious stuff!!!!I cannot say that I have not come across such an amazing photography. But because I have already seen amazing photography I can bet that this is better than that!!! blogdost has truly made justice to the the name multifacet, perhaps the time has come to change it to multitalented :)

    1. Ahhaaa!!! This really is some serious appreciation :) Is thank u necessary...Naa!!! Stay Tuned :)

  2. Wow.. awesome clicks:-).. sachme u r multitalented:-)

  3. very beautiful .. best thing about photographs is that they are unfinished .. abrupt .. the before and after story of it is something that's up to the viewer to imagine. That makes one think and that's what connects ..

    lovely pics .. need to take lessons from you :)

    1. I like the description of abstract photography :) Thank u:)


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