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Worship...What is it at the end of all? Part II

Part II

....Contd [ For part I: What is it at the end of all - Part I ]


All hands asking !
On one hand the ways of worship involve offering water and milk to lord shiva, hair to lord balaji, goat to lord durga and so on and so forth. Then on other side is the eye opener in the form of “Oh My God” which touches on these subjects in the most logical and agreeable manner. I am sure God would not be liking the line of devotees on a special day just to fulfill the routine, or the way people hover, crowd, fall and insult one another in a temple just while breaking the queue or showering[rather throwing] his/her water/milk/flowers over the idol.  So these days when I am offering water/milk over the idol and see it getting drained into yet another sewage system, I think am I doing the right thing? Shouldn't this serve some needy?  And I still walk out of the temple with no black and white answer!

Then there is the novel “Conversations with God” which identifies each of us as God in ourselves but with unawareness about the memory that we are God. The book is in the form a conversation between an ordinary person [the writer] who poses questions to god out of frustration and seeks answers. In the conversation God says there’s nothing right/wrong, good/bad, optimistic/pessimistic, hell/heaven. It says good wouldn't be known as good until and unless there is identification about bad. So how is it that good becomes lovable to god when god knows good is not possible without bad. So it is with right/wrong. Right is not right or valuable unless there exists something recognizable as wrong. And since both are either forms of a situation/person, whose existence is not possible without other, it is not right to believe that god loves one and hates another. An action of individual is the outcome of the spectrum through which he sees and perceives things. But at the same time it warns that this should not be considered as an excuse for the way one is leading the life. If the actions taken are justified by your inner conscience then there is nothing wrong in that. It highlights the words of god saying that Hitler was never sent to hell. He was right in the way he thought and was true to his conscience towards the purpose he visioned to serve.  

Now coming to the belief of Brahmakumaris. It is so far the only one which directs me towards that supreme power and restrains from making an idol that I should be worshiping  Meditations, self awareness, the way we lead our lives is the path towards meeting the divine power – Shiv baba. It recognizes each of our souls and the ultimate soul as just the source of light, the world a stage of drama, and human beings as characters playing the role. Destiny is something we create of our own lives. Many now consider Sister shivani, one of the popular preach to be someone close to divine. May be in future a day might come when even she would be qualified as God and worshiped  But she herself never says so. She says all of us are children and the supreme soul is the father. This is the time to devote to the only power and go on to the path which will peacefully help you sail through the end of kalyug into the next cycle. This form of religious belief preaches only meditation as the way of reaching god. And reaching god not just after death, but on a day to day basis to recharge your inner strength batteries.

All these have clogged my spiritual beliefs. If I visit temple or not, if I do the rituals or not, offer prayers or not, believe in one god or not, if I fear or not, if I respect or not – At every step I am not in two thoughts but in multiple. While I try to follow all, I am following none. What is god? Ask me! And my mind still goes unanswered because I do not know the real god!

P.S: My sincere and genuine request to god is to let me know what the right thing to do is. If not in this lifetime, then it’s my wish that after this life I should be allowed to retain the memories of what happens after death and what and who God is!!! 

P.P.S: I personally follow sister Shivani's advice. I think it is the most useful source of knowing ourselves and solving our day to day problems. To watch please visit: [Sister Shivani on self management ]

What is it at the end of all..???

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