Thursday, 29 August 2013

One more off the Bucketlist :)

Dear Blogdosts,

I was in a theatre all alone watching 'Once Upon a time in Mumbai Doobara'. I had asked for a corner seat and preferably a bottom row.At the end of the row were two college going girls who couldn't take their eyes off in disbelief seeing me all-alone. At first they thought probably some friend/bf would be joining me as the seats next to me were empty.

Oh yes! This has been on my bucketlist since quite sometime. I had to persuade my mom so much to allow me to do this. She was taken by huge surprise seeing me so excited to watch a movie alone. Oh yeah! That's me :)

Next on my huge simple, silly yet my precious Bucket list is a trek to Himalayas coming Summer :) Woohoo!!!



  1. You should have picked up a better movie for this wish .. may be conjuring ..

    1. Conjuring that too alone..! Oh god! Then i would have ended joining someone in theater :P
      Plus I have no regrets of fulfilling this wish watching my childhood superstar :)


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