Thursday, 3 May 2012

Learning’s of Life & Death

She was the most powerful women I knew personally. Everyone thought twice before speaking to her. I personally was shit scared at her sight when I was a child. She was “Bai” for us and “Kamala devi Laddha” for rest - my grandmother. The lady who travelled at the age of 40 also on his son’s bike for hours together, the one who walked down the road alone at night to ensure safety of her farm growing’s, she was often metaphored with  Indira Gandhi.  On 18th of April, the strong lady’s soul left her body to continue on another journey. The text message brought tears into my eyes and I left for office.

As I went home this weekend the Pooja room where she spent maximum of her time looked deserted without her. Her photo frame on wall questioned my thoughts I had put together so far as learning’s from Brahmakumaris – Sister Shivani says this life journey is not the beginning and end of all. It is a very small part of the large journey as a soul. Our soul change costumes and this is just one of them we have got. Do not be sad when a soul leaves the body. It is just that all accounts with the relationships developed in this life were settled. Now is the time to begin new settlements, influence new lives.  It was time for THEM to move on and for their well- being YOU have to accept it.

Just like a relationship between mother and a son – where the son is living abroad – mother says everything’s is fine to keep son away from all troubles. Why? Because mother wants the son to be happy. Similarly we show our love in different relationships in different ways even though we may be miles apart. We think we are together only with physical presence or ability to communicate via technology. She emphasizes it’s not true. A soul remembers past life, remembers you, loves you – but is not able to contact you. By crying and mourning, you’re making things difficult for them. They would be reminded of pain and suffering of their loved ones (you) and will not be able to start their new journey peacefully. Remember them, but always remember with a smile. Recollecting this I smiled seeing her photo remembering how I took my careful steps into the room when I visited her.

Together with me, blogdosts, pray – May her soul rest in peace with a Smile!!!


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