Thursday, 13 September 2012

Ala Ala matwaala 'Barfiii'

This is a quick update of my excitement this morning. It no less a Friday than "my own movie release". I have been going gaga over trailers of 'Barfi' and waited eagerly to watch the movie with a person whom i called "Third most handsome" after Akshay Kumar and Rabir Kapoor. 

As I lifted my cup of milk and opened newspaper to read some serious news my eyes caught the section of newspaper "Review". I put my mug down, rolled over the sofa seeing rating of "4.5 by TOI". And started humming "ala ala matwaala barfi" as I read through the review. With each line of appreciation for Ranbir it felt my success. That's the effect of My Recent Love as already shared.

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Sharing with you all The Times of India Review details:

The most engaging comment which shall make each one of us watch the movie is :

"The biggest human disability is we can't find happiness. So go indulge in 'Barfi'! It'll leave you 'happy high'! - Times of India.

Although each day at home had and will have its own touch of fun, excitement, love and pampering. Tomorrow shall see the peak of it when I will watch the movie in the most lovable company. 

Keep spreading smiles :) And stay Happy! Get back to you all soon.

P.S: I have my graduation convocation due tomorrow after 2.5 years. Had it been more 6months i would have completed my PG. Better late than never :-)



  1. I can see the excitement in your post! Do tell us how the movie was. And all the best for your graduation ceremony. :)

    1. Hey Neha! Both were awesome...The movie is a must watch...I am assuming you have already watched it with pushkar..:)

  2. the flick was simply supeeeeeerrrrrrrb! it never occurred that the character is lacking dialogues, for Murphy compensated it with his sheer brilliant expressions, each one being precise to perfection!! first TDKR and now Barfii! two awesome movies watched recently....can't ask for more :)

    1. True!All three roles were executed perfectly...You have been regular in visiting and commenting...I would be happier to know your name atleast if not other details..:)

    2. Illuminatus...a regular...just gone anonymous

    3. Heyyy!!! How have you been..?how is job going on..?

    4. going city maximum these days...temme abt PLC process...u psyched up?

  3. OMG .. how could i miss commenting on this one...
    well, better late than never...
    for the information of your readers, let me confirm to them that it's ME who is referred as "Third most handsome" after Akshay Kumar and Rabir Kapoor.
    Ofcourse we all know it's a greatly over-exaggerated expression but i am happy to know you hold me in such high regard..(something that i am already aware of :),you need not use such exaggeration as people who know me will laugh/humiliate me :D ;P
    i can already see a few of them :))

  4. where is madam blogger gone? disappeared ?


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