Friday, 21 September 2012

The burden on eyes!

They here always refer to "eyes". It is an attempt to explain the pain eyes have to go through as it is the true mirror of the heart. 

When eyes speak...

The eyes that always longed to meet another,
Now escapes the sight with fear.
They are never free from the guilt,
Of having ruined the relationship long built.
They always knew they can never become the one you desire for,
Then why did it tread long enough on the path before looking backward???
Whenever they are closed to get some sleep,
Tears flow down without notice.
They want to talk and sort things out,
But the mind says it is not the right time to settle things down.
They always believed in the silent magic of lord,
And still believe all the souls will rest in peace when the final call is announced loud!!!

No words can convey what eyes can...


  1. how come such a beautiful post has gone unnoticed .. superb. truly sensible and thought provoking ..
    special like for the selection of pictures .. :)

    1. Just as it has gone pass your attention levels till now!!! And pics selection is an art i am learning from you:)

    2. i did not comment on purpose .. but finally thought when no one else does, i should :)


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