Monday, 24 September 2012

What you should know about me?

Reading an article in Times life dated Sept, 9th 2012 I thought this should be shared with you all. I request all my readers to give this article a thought and do share in form of comments what you all feel.

We all live in the fear of world laughing at us. In German, the word is “schadenfreude” meaning “the pleasure one derives from misfortune of others”. We mistake it to be our good soul’s empathy which is in reality the pleasure. When one slips in a mall it is not the physical fall that hurts us. It is rather the amusing stares people give to you that make us lose our self-control.

There are many feelings and emotions we want others to feel about us but amusement at our expense is certainly not on the list. The opposite of “schadenfreude” is the Buddhist concept of “mudita” meaning “Happiness in the fortune of others”.

If we look back even as kids we tried to manipulate the way world looked at us. As simple as crying aloud with no tears in eyes meant our wishes to be fulfilled: P Well such is the significance attached to it.

Now coming to the centre stage. Each one of us desire and want others to feel and know certain things about us. Talking about me I would want people to know and consider that I am a Frank person. Do not expect me to be one of those wonderful actors who can pretend to be happy when they are not or find the conversation amusing when it is not really. My expression says it on the face that “Dude! Your company is boring” or “you do not know your subject. Don’t try to fool around!” Although these days I am trying to avoid being so explicit because soon it’s going to be the management world I’ll be stepping into.

Secondly, I am the weirdest creature who is lost between practicality and emotions J Clearly I do not like interference in my personal life from people who are “nothing more than strangers”. Let’s talk business and end it there. At the same time I want my close ones to understand that I am not devoid of emotions. Honestly I am much more emotional than people around me expect from me.

Next I hate gossips. I do not want people to talk at my back of something which is not true. So I do not like doing the same with others. I have enough in my life to keep me engaged. So please do not expect me to smile back at you and update you with 10other stories.

Lastly I cannot stay long without spending time alone. Some people prefer retrospecting while talking to others.  Some want to do it alone. I fall in the latter category.  This brings to the surface the fact that I keep certain things only to myself. I cannot share it with the closest person also. So far people close to me have respected and accepted that and I owe a “thank you” to them. Well who they are, they know it!

So dear blog friends, what is on your list that people around should know, take care of and accept??? In every individual’s book there are a few things that cannot be stated to people around every time but you want them to consider. 


  1. genuine & informative :)
    An eye-opener of sorts.

  2. Thank you! It would be appreciated if you can share in brief your list too..!

  3. hmmmm....well you remind me of someone i knew, very closely...

    there was this guy who never thought of doing anything in life...i remember him being the craziest person in my class...he kept a small company of friends but stucked with them through thin and thin. i firmly believe that those just 3 of his friends still care about him more than anything in life. this person was often found lost in himself, probably enjoying the best of the times...he never cared about getting good grades in subjects, for he never wished to be a great man anyday

    but during the course, he committed a mistake. he allowed his life to flow with the flow. but alas, his life took him through one hell of a rollercoaster ride. the crests and troughs in his life forced him to finally surrender to life against his will and he thought of taking up a career for a living.i have hardly seen my friend in recent years. last i heard, he was doing decently....but i know he still must be having those rise above the world feelings buried deep inside his heart...

    my simple point is, was it worth everything?
    ATB Dost

    1. If it was worth for that person then there shall be no regrets...Many instances in life make us kneel before them...But it is a matter of choice how to wish to take it from there...

    2. easier said than done i guess...anyways, let him ride the ride :)

    3. Thanks for sharing this. I always feel comments should be something different ... something more .. really liked this one :)
      The point that really struck a chord with me is - "he never wished to be a great man anyday" :)
      it reminded me of my own self!


    4. Yeah! that's true...

      Completely agree with you Mr.Vijenderofied:)

  4. A nice write ........ a book from you few years down the line wont come as a surprise to me .....
    Secondly , comments should be as enjoyable as the blog, and your set of followers have managed to come up with different yet thought provoking ones....
    Now in my "me" time , I need to come up with that list....... :)


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