Tuesday, 8 May 2012

It's been a year

It's splashing rains on roads of Bangalore. I love it, i enjoy it, no matter how much trouble it cause to people or neusensse it create on roads. I took the extra walk under the pleasant drizzle while praying God it does not rain heavily (courtesy my laptop, running nose and bad throat :P)

So - What gets me here. Yayyy..:) :) :) It's been a year. Exactly a year back i designed my personal space and had my first post up. Meet The Multifacet started with a downturn (Ref: 1st Post) and posts rolled over variety of emotions. Friends, doston, saathiyon, critics A very Special Thanks for following my blog religiously and pouring in your lovely comments. Also  every other reader/non reader who must have only hit it by mistake and walked away reading/not reading- Thank you for being there always - It kept my reader stats ticking :)

Truly delighted. If i look back at all my posts, i am able to recollect every small or big moment i have been through in the last one year. It has nothing been short of my Personal diary - Emotions of Anger, frustration, confusion, childishness, happiness, excitement - all have found a space here and have kept me going throughout.

So what special I have on this day to share - Well yes you got to bear and i can already read a few exaggerated comments from my brother in my mind - It's one more photo - Yeah! Few thanking it's only ONE...Hehe...I aim to spread smile and innocence and i have one photo that have generated smile everytime i have seen since i clicked. 

Aawww..:)That's Amisha with her doll (i forgot doll's name )

I was a stranger to her 1 min back and soon we both were chatting. That's a child - Give a smile and you shall get more of it in return :)

Signing off on this note blogdosts :) Thank you for being there always. 


  1. Congrats on completing one year you started first post with......Although not commenting but i m following each and every post of yours, which always bring smile on my face:)) Keep writing because your post are the reasons for someone's smile...

    1. Not a problem...I shall continue to write and that goes without saying..:)

  2. congratulations :-)
    ... so it's been a year that you started blogging .. that's awesome .. i think you have come a long way in this 1 yr .. most of it for good .. continue the run n m sure u wil hv many more anniversaries to cheer for ..
    btw - i am quite excited about your ability to remember important dates ..
    soon we might see you celebrating
    1. The first shower that you took in GIM ..
    2. .. or may be the first time you had Let go the gas pump during a lecture or presentation
    3. or The first time you ... (can't go beyond that :P )
    :-) .. how can i miss my exaggeration ofcourse :D
    Cheers ~

    1. Look whoz talkin about important dates LOL....
      BTW congratulations madam...

    2. Yeah i'll have many more and w/o confusion also...I know boys are bad at that - I am glad i have atleast one of those girly qualities..:)

      No comment on your exaggerations!

  3. awesome awesome awesoem .com, you havew definately come a long long way in this forte of yours. I wish you all the luck to continue this in the same in fact better you Keep shining as always

    1. Hey dishu..:)thank you so much...yeah aiming for higher heights..:)

  4. Its all going topsy turvy I suppose. Rains in May. It rained here too last night.
    As for kids they are the best people to be around with to lift your mood.

    1. Thank you haddock for visiting the blog..:)Bangalore weather is always pleasant but rains in summer are out of order of Nature..!

      Keep visiting! Nice to see you here..:)


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