Tuesday, 22 May 2012

~~Trust, Faith & Belief~~Destiny!

Greetings to all fellow sufferers of the human condition. "Such
 a life on such a planet"! Yeah! How many nodding in consent?No, this is not going to be a post for the pessimistic and sadist outlookers of life. So let me repeat -

Greetings to all fellow sufferers of the human condition. "Such a life on such a planet"! However if you think about it a minute, you can remember brief moments in your life when everything did add up and make sense, complete with feelings of peace, well-being, and an overwhelming sense of purposefulness and zest for life. Now granted, these blissful experiences don't occur often, seldom last long, and are not easily generated at will, but you will never forget that feeling you once experienced on a mountaintop, at the beach, in a lover's arms, in spiritual ecstasy, or some other special moment of your life.

We have a shararati doctor in our group of SBG’ians. To give you all a background, we are group of 8 friends. Our parents managed to give us as different names as possible with especially different first alphabets. Still we managed to give our group a common identity of SBG, named after the nick names given to all 8 of us based on our distinctive personality. This my most precious and graduation day’s friends circle. I can imagine each one of us the sharing our lives from our first date, first job, and first break up to the first (hopefully only) marriage (kidding guys in good sense), first of those special moments, first baby and then our kids becoming friends…….

How many girls reading this post can imagine her most beautiful dream of life i.e. marriage being decided in a span of few days? How many can even think of leaving your city within a month to embrace a new life with a person whom you have not met till the day before your marriage just with the belief and trust on parent’s choice? To be honest, I couldn’t have gone a single step in that blind direction.

This shararati doctor of our group, always known for being organised, matured and most sensible welcomed or rather cherished this new phase of her life with a smile. We all friends kept telling her this is not the way things should be happening, but she always smiled back and said – I believe first in God, then in my parents and finally in my destiny. Soon this shararati doctor of SBG became someone’s wife, someone’s daughter-in-law, someone’s sister-in-law and the list goes on...!

Recently she celebrated her second anniversary with her first baby girl. As I saved her daughter’s photograph on my desktop, I gave it a closer look. The baby’s lips and eyes resembled that of her. Suddenly an emotion ran across and I could feel the closeness to the baby inspite of the distance. I realised this is baby of our Saloni (shararti doctor), our friend Saloni. She’s a mom now. And I don’t know why tears ran down my eyes recapping those moments we spent as friends and realisation of how one of us have grown up emotionally to take so many responsibilities and the biggest being that of Mom.

That's SBG's Shararati doctor
Her daughter 

Everything happens for a reason. So what if you’re not able to connect dots standing here. Have courage, take a step forward, face it all with trust and you’ll smile seeing how the dots connect looking backward. Today everything in Saloni’s life adds up and makes sense, complete with feelings of peace, with a caring husband and a pretty daughter. (Picture Perfect)

Love you Saloni.

P.S: Too Fast Forward but a thought:

 I don’t know which anniversary 7 of us will be celebrating when you celebrate yours 25th :) Also what will be the age difference between our kids :)

With Love

Cheers SBG


  1. Lovely post. I felt the same when one of my school friends got married in an arranged set up. And when I first met her baby girl, I was actually staring at her in disbelief. Such is life :)

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    2. Hey Neha..! It's a welcome comment for me from you...thank you..:) How true years just fly past...

    3. Komal, this is so beautiful, i am still crying. I am feeling very bad, that I din't wish saloni on Rudhi's birthday, but i am too much into other things, excuses apart feel guilty.

      Loved the way you portray our relation and in these bad times, I have known the importance you people hold in my life. we will stay like this forever and ever. love you

      I am blessed to have you .com you are awesome

    4. Dishu dishu dishu - I am so looking forward these days to your comment..!SBG'ians are and will always be my bestest friends...We're equally lucky to have you parrot..!

  2. Awwwwwwwww :) :) :) :) :)
    happy tear in eyes :) so beautifully put across as always :) i missed being here.. of all the blogs i regret not finding time to read this one specially :) glad that read it finally!!
    none of us would have the courage to go the blind way n start a relation with an absolute stranger on the basis of 'trust' but yes as mentioned by u hats off to saloni for always living on the basis of pure trust :) she s so lucky (touch wood) that she s a family now n a super happy one :)
    the PS bit reminded me of our moment.. saloni cursing u for telling "saloni jab hamari shaadi hogi tu pakka 2 baccho ke saath aayegi" :P n her reply "kaunse mahurat main tere mouth se nikla ke it seems true now" :P hahaha yes seems true bcos she s already a mum nw of one girl n none of us plan wedding in near future :)
    ohh miss the days n memories :) waiting for her to come to hyd n play with the baby :) :) u shld be so jealous for missing it :P :)

    1. Yeah!!! Some things told long back coming true:) Don't make me Jealous heroine..!

  3. awwww.....i know its too late too reply but anyways....its soo beautifully each bit of it with tears in my eyes....saloni has become a inspiration for me:P :P.....n m sooo sooo glad to have sbg's with me all the time :) :) :) touchwood to our friendhip :) :) :)never want to loose u all!!!


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