Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Lifestyle Photography

Bangalore Diary- Phase II

Grannies Get Together

I want the ride, I want the ride

Kids Get Together

Ladies Get together!!!

Relaxing time..:)


  1. kya baat hai Miss photographer....Hidden talent bolo...

  2. as usual,in my very own style ..
    1. Grannies Get Together - preparations for world war 4 to be fought at their respective homes :-)

    2. I want the ride, I want the ride - It's looking great.. all red ..the color red is the best choice when you want attention :D

    3. Kids Get Together - no good boys or bad boys, JUST US .. We Rock

    4. Ladies Get Together - how to counterstrike the world war 4 :-)

    5. Relaxing Time - Sincerely, this is a superb click... :D

    Cheers ...

  3. As usual i love your style of hidden complimenting..:)


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