Sunday, 6 May 2012

Nurturing Desire ~~~

Bangalore Diary - Phase I !!!

Dear friends. I have always thought i have something in me that makes me want to capture lifestyle in photographs. But it  ended nowhere till now. Now i am considering it to take it on a serious level. And what best place than this to share my "yet not so great" but later "might be great work"..:D 

Meelon ka saathi, Comfort ka raaz..:)

Lost and Re-gifted Red Watch

My accessories

Do not ask me why i clicked and also liked it:)

My Name, ....

My Tutu and Tweetu


  1. great skill .. awesome photographs .. sureshot best pictures one might have come accross in life .. i don't believe they are real .. u r a gifted talent ..wo ,,wo ,, wo (i am exaggerating ofcourse)
    now, coming to the point, i am confused what was your idea behind posting this
    1.To show that you are really multifacet? :P
    2.To show that you work in SAP? :O
    3.To show that your name is Komal Laddha? :Q
    4.or may be to show how dirty your shoes are??:-)
    aaeeyyyy... kyu thaak raha hai... :D
    all in good tone baby ~ Cheers ~

    1. Buddy..!I became blind after the line "ur a gifted talent"..:) Thank you for the over exaggerated yet valuable love...

  2. was wondering which of my things will replace yours if ever i write a similar post. hmmm..let's give it a try
    1) My pulsar
    2) My riding jacket
    3) My ipod
    4) the torn yet in use pair of jeans
    5) SBI debit card
    6) few maps
    7) some sweet memories...

    1. Aahh!!! Well in that case i'll also need to recheck my list...This is my recent life display (*wink*)

  3. OH Yes.!! i do agree to vijendar bhaiya.. u r a gifted talent:) but only in some cases:p see, u have given the perfect name to 1 of ur teddy.. TWEETU;) ahem ahem.. you don't owe me any more eplanation.. u r a gifted talent indeed..

    1. Oho...So finally u got time off someone to visit my blog..:)

    2. Oh yes...Be right with that shreyans..:)

  4. far my fav blog of the first comment...:)


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